A quick swim and a race

view from the hotel

We arrived at the hotel in Pesaro around two o’clock after three hours driving and a shopping trip.- this meant that there was two and a half hours to eat lunch, relax, swim and other off-duty related activities – so, first a quick bite, then a quick change and straight into the water… It’s been 27*c today. Troels and I felt like little doggies running towards the water for a dip, the water was kind of cold in the beginning, but then we got used to it… it’s not for nothing we come from Denmark! Anyway… ten minutes soaking in the water and then up to sit i the sun for another 15 minutes – quick rinse and back to work. It’s crazy how much time we spend in the cars driving to hotels and going shopping, so these little moments are gold worth.                        I tell you, the Giro is NOT a vacation! ( all though it might look like it on the photos)

a small break in the sun

So i mentioned the so called kitchen – the out door kitchen that is!

We set everything up and started cooking – it works, but things take a Looong Loooong time to do because there’s a limit to how much we can cook at the same time – but we made it happen anyway. I can’t tell you how excited I am about the new kitchen truck – it’s gonna be freakin’ AWESOME!

It’s fun to cook outside, but it’s way more fun to cook in an awesome kitchen truck.

out door kitchen set up

our one gas burner!

The race went all right today – Jonas came in as no. 10 – very cool! Aaaaaaaand we were lucky enough to have the race come straight by our hotel, so we could see how the guys where doing. The sound it makes when a huge bunch of riders passes by is incredible – you can’t help loving this sport when you are that close.

waiting for the peloton

the race up close


This reminds me of summer

So all in all – a migthy fine day… (all though i forgot to take photos of the food today)

I’m getting up at 6.30 to cook breakfast outdoors – that’s gonna be an interesting project…( I’ll let you how that went !)

Good night !


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