What a great day!

What a great day!

The first stage of the Giro in Italy, the Team Time Trial. The weather was beautiful but really really really warm in danish standards… i read 31,5*c in the sun – Auch! Never the less… They did great – No. 4 today, Good job :) – I’m sure the omelets had something to do with it as well ;) !

Cars are ready for the time trial!

So when the guys where out racing Troels and I did the last bit of important shopping – twice!  One time for us and one time for the soigneurs, we have to help each other when time is tight and I know they will help me some other time :)

After the shopping session Troels and I did i trial set up of our out door kitchen that we have assembled the past few days… A little pavilion, table oven,  burner and so on, if the weather stays like this – it’s gonna be great cooking outside. The reason why we have this lovely set ups is because it’s not possible for us to access the kitchens of all the hotels, therefore we had to improvise and tomorrow will be the first day of cooking out doors – that shall be exciting!

Tonight we did  a number of salads on the side of the pasta and chicken that the hotel provided us with plus a dessert to celebrate the stage 4 result and the Italian strawberry season – strawberries, orange and caramelized white chocolate fudge.

bresaola, balsamic pickled beech mushrooms and crisp white asparagus

quinoa, grilled red pepper, sweet red onions and parsley

marinating the strawberries

Tomorrow will be the first transfer here in Italy 254 km from Porto Mantovano to Pesaro – where we are staying in a hotel at the beach… Maybe there’s time for a swim?

254 km transfer to the water

See more photos on dailystews facebook page – please LIKE and share :)

Buona notte a tutti voi



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