How to get to the Giro

This year the Giro started in Denmark – The home country of me and Troels – how exciting! The sad thing was that we didn’t have to be there (our danish cook colleagues have cooked up some healthy stuff for the riders I’m sure)… Instead we had to go straight to Italy and here is the tail of how we got there.

Saturday morning, five o’clock… Alarm goes of!  Of course I couldn’t sleep before 1:30 in the night, so I cursed the alarm clock away. Anyway that’s life and Italy was calling. Up and in the shower, quickly dressed and then get in a taxi for the Copenhagen airport. Arrival at CPH 6:30 , where Troels was waiting for me… we checked in and here the travel starts.

cooks in the car

cooks in the car

Copenhagen – Luxembourg (to pick up our car for the giro) – Germany – France – Switzerland – and then finally Italy. – we arrived at the hotel just before eleven in the evening after consuming a ton of bananas, dried nuts and berries. What a looooooooong drive and with some foul weather too – but the GPS was updated so no detours this time !

Entering the swizz alps

Entering the swizz alps

There’s something crazy about crossing so many countries in one day, the way the sceneries change: Beautiful, lush and green to concrete, factories and dirty roads. Alp huts, cows and picture perfect puzzle pictures to dense city landscapes. The images the brain has to process are so many – no wonder it’s so easy to sleep after a trip like that.

Nasty weather in Italy

Nasty weather in Italy

Today Sunday we have had the day to rest before we have to go shopping  tomorrow to get ready for the Giro D’Italia, so we decided to drive to Modena, the birthplace of Balsamic vinegar to have a look around and maybe catch some gorgeous markets on the way – It was our lucky day… It felt like there was a festival for more or less anything exciting and edible, so we tasted our way through the day and got lots of inspiration for the dinners at the Giro – what a great way to be inspired, it sure beats flipping through a cook book – ANY TIME!

little piggy

Giro D’Italia – the first grand tour of the year… May in Italy – you couldn’t ask for a better scenario. This year we are with out a kitchen truck for the Giro ( we are building a new one YEAY!!!) so we have to use the hotel kitchens where ever that is possible – so to make things easier for us we have made a small portable kitchen that fits in to a few plastic boxes. Well, ok… it’s not exactly a portable kitchen, it’s more some must-have equipment that can get us a long way in case of a less equipped kitchen. So, these boxes are accompanied by to medium size fridges that fits into our Volks Wagon caravelle – HURRAH for fridges!!! This meas we can stock up on tasty things we find on our journey through the land of pasta.

the "kitchen"

the “kitchen”

So the Giro has begun and the team will start arriving tomorrow night in time for the first rest day.

Troels and I will do our best to make some awesome dishes out of the amazing Italian products and of course share them with all of you guys here – that is if we have Internet connection…

See more Photos from today on our facebook page – ohhh and don’t forget to like us and share :) Thank you !




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