Cooks vs. GPS

We arrived at the hotel just after two o’clock this afternoon – what a bumpy ride getting here. Kenneth the body therapist picked us up from Paris Charles de Gaulle – he had driven all the way from Belgium Kortrijk this morning. Anyway, it was a small drive to the hotel – so said the GPS!!! But never trust the GPS, it’s takes you mysterious ways for no reason what so ever, so we ended up  in the middle of a field driving off-road style for a few kilometers before we hit a normal road again – Thank you Garmin ! ( will post video later)

So after battlling with the GPS we found our own way to the place where we had to stay – Chantilly ( same name as whipped cream with sugar)

The Hotel is an old chateau with a beautifull garden – I’m not complaining… I think Troels and I will go for a “walk” tomorrow to see if there are any interesting herbs around or animals to hunt… – I’ve seen a chicken hangin’ around… maybe it has more friends !

First day in a new kitchen is always interesting, so we made a nice simple dinner for the guys, who had actually missed us for the week we where gone – It’s always nice to be missed :D.

So tonights Menu was:

  • Salad of roasted fennel and red pepper, toasted almonds, quinoa, lemon zest and parmasan.
  • Romaine lettuce, fresh pear, dried ham and honey mustard dressing.
  • avocado, lemon and cashew
  • La la la la lasagnaaaaaaaaaa.
  • Chicken in ginger and soy with coriander.

And of course fresh fruit.

We have a few days here before we go back home again, so we have some tasty dishes lined up for the guys.

Since I have taken no photos of tonights dinner, I’ll give you a medley of our nine days in Belgium where Troels and I where bussy all the time – therefore no posts…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But folks – we are back! – and this time with more exciting tales to tell… Stay tuned.


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