Paris nice – view from the stage

“This is where you have to go to, but the GPS can’t find the hotel” … Classic situation!

So there was to options A – go by the highway and do an extra 100 km or   B – take the small roads with a view and enjoy the show !

We chose B!

Just under 4 hours of driving mostly windy roads, doing the last 20 km of the actual stage – by car !!! – if any one should be in a doubt!

Can’t help thinking how the riders must have felt on that last part since it was snowing when we where there…

So i have to share with you, some photos from the drive – it was absolutely beautiful! Troels my chef apprentice was the driver of the day, so I could snap some photos in the meantime.

And then this sign came along the road – how great is that. Humoristic vandalism!

We finally arrived to the hotel around two o’ clock, helped the soigneur getting all the suitcases put in the right rooms, then had lunch and a 1 hour break before the daily routine started: shopping and menu planning then cooking and serving.

There was a small organic vegetable shop just 200 meters from the hotel that Troels and I attacked, I think we made the shop owners day with our slightly large purchase – it was so freaking great to be able to get gorgeous fruit and veg that we could pick as we wanted – If I could decide, then the world would have more of those kind of stores… one day I tell you- one day..!

Menu of the day:

  • smoked trout, braeburn apples in raspberry vinegar and chives
  • Amazing tomatoes, goats cheese and water cress
  • slaw on red and green cabbage, fennel, gojii and pistachio – sesame dressing
  • green leafs, avocado and hazelnut
  • frikadeller ( danish meatballs) and ratatouille
  • turkey in fresh herbs and roasted  potatoes

Do i need to say whole grain PASTA ?

By the way I baked like a crazy person today – gluten free bread, müsli bread and little nice rolls… mmm… straight out of the oven, that is good stuff!

Tomorrow there is g,….. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz………. good night!


2 thoughts on “Paris nice – view from the stage

  1. I would ride the entire Paris-Nice on a kids tricycle just to be able to have a bite at any of these dishes you come up with every night! I know, I know…it would all be very, very, veeery cold by the time I’m finished — as in expire date was two years ago cold! But, somehow, I am sure it would still be delicious! I’m hooked. Please, keep it coming!

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