Paris Nice stage

Got up early… breakfast at 08:30!

This morning was icy cold but very beautiful, managed to snap  a photo at 7.00 from the back of the hotel…

Just over three hours of driving today – it might have been because i was stuck behind a car driving 50 km/h when he should have been doing 90 km/h… couldn’t over take either due to winding roads – Grrrrr….!!!!!  Anyway, we made it to the hotel – Pretty drive by the way.

Due to the late arrival today at the hotel everything was pushed a bit, we went shopping and on the way back the roads was closed because of the race… NOOOOOOO!!!! I don’t have time to sit and wait for the whole peleton to pass, so with all of my girly smiley charm (or something?) I made it through the barriers back to the hotel only to see the riders come by approx 7 minutes later…. Close one!

So two minutes of shouting and clapping and then straight into the kitchen – Boooom!

Some snapshots of tonights food:

Menu del dia:

  • red quinoa, feta, peppers and rocket
  • green leafs, apple and almond
  • roasted romanesco cauliflower, and new onions
  • rice noodles, wasabi dressing and seared organic beef with mint and sesame
  • chicken in ginger- soy with carrot and lemon zest

and then ALWAYS whole grain pasta!

Tomorrow the transfer is almost 400 km on small roads for some time… Disliking that, that means that Troels and I can wave goodbye to a small break in the middle of the day… To bad !

Well I’m gonna sleep 2 hours an hour at least …



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