Strawberries for everyone !

Ok, I must admit that this job is extremely awesome for so many reasons – one reason is the super cool chefs that we meet at the hotels, First of all they are kind enough to let me and Troels in to their kitchens and second of all I respect really good classic chefs a lot. I can’t help thinking how weird it must be to have other chefs taking over your own domaine – I know I would have a hard time doing that. Anyway, so many of them are very cool and interesting and it’s all about being respectful and kind, letting them taste and ask about the food – and of course it goes the other way to, so Troels and I ask in to their classic dishes and local specialties. We do learn things here and there… Pretty cool !

So today we had a 200 km transfer – again, had lunch – took a nap and then went shopping. Mørkøv was in the break-away when i left the hotel, so I was eager to get back to find out how he did. Unfortunately he didn’t keep the front position but I still think he did a hell of a good job.

The Shopping was very nice indeed, good produce, nice fresh fish and lots of fresh herbs – just can’t live with out those! As always the menu is made when we see what we can get, so tonights menu became the following:

  • Green leafs, pear, pistachio and fresh ricotta with chives and lemon
  • White quinoa, avocado and cashews
  • white wine steamed cod, roasted celery root and thyme
  • Chicken, curry in coconut milk with sautéed veggies
  • brown rice pilaf with extra LOOOOOVE
  • strawberries n’ chocolate – FOR EVERY ONE, yes also the soignees, mechanics, doc and the two directeur sportifs!

Tonight the riders where so kind again to compliment the food – I’m so glad they like it – healthy doesn’t have to be tasteless or terrible!

Quote, Michael Mørkøv:

“Feeling so lucky to be a bike rider on Team Saxo Bank, and getting food from the pelotons BEST Chef´s. Certainly”!

The Riders work so hard, they absolutely deserve great food after a long race day – NO doubt!

After a day in the salmon colored kitchen with this top dollar awesome crew we all did a high-five, said our goodbyes and had our picture taken – good times for sure, would not mind coming back to this kitchen again next year.

Tomorrow: 250 km transfer on a crap road according to my colleague, so three hours of driving at the minimum… hmmm, well thats a part of the job as well 70% cooking and 30% driving – maybe even more, but who counts?

Good night y’all



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