Paris – Nice : day 2

Ahh, just had lunch at the new hotel – what a treat, blood sugar levels restored !

We drove just about 200 Km – the new BMW’s are nice to drive in… YEAH !

So Nick is out of the race, he crashed yesterday during the time trial and hurt his hip, so he got of the bike today in the beginning of the race… Let’s hope that he recovers fast for the tour of Flanders.

Our new hotel is an old chateau looking place – Loooove the entrance! Staff is very nice, kitchen looks great and the beds are awesome it could not be better.

Last nights dinner…. da da da da da daaa daaaaaa : Rabbit cassoulet style with white beans, sage and warm pickled cherry tomatoes.


So of course there is an alternative for the less adventures eaters – a comfort food no. 1 : whole grain Spaghetti meatballs in tomato sauce… lady and the tramp style!

Had a little competition going on with the chef from another team ( greenedge)since he was making the same… But, I never got to taste his dish so we will never know who won.

On the side some other lovely things such as coleslaw with abricot, Tuna sashimi with fennel and mint.

In the end I was satisfied… Riders where happy too – ohh, yeah and Staff and sports directors VERY happy for left overs, it’s the small little things that make a big difference.

So, for tonight absolutely soup – it’s been hailing and raining today so something nice and warm will do them good.

And for now – 30 min power nap, then shopping and then cooking…. ETA for riders at the dinner table 20:30 ish!


4 thoughts on “Paris – Nice : day 2

  1. Looks and sounds delicious! Do all the other staff eat the regular hotel meals, or do you prepare food for them as well as the riders?

  2. The Rabbit cassoulet sounds really really good, would love to try that out, and seems like really good food.
    Soup after a cold rainy day is for sure a succes, i am sure :-)


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