Packing for Paris – Nice

Last night before i leave for France, the Paris – Nice race, when I go out on races without my kitchen truck I fill up a suitcase with high quality organic goods, to be sure that i have a good start up base for the riders. This time i got some great oranic fruit müsli, organic spelt flour, really nice organic peanutbutter and Tahini and some organic gluten free soy – small things that makes a difference in the end.

I’ve had two lovely relaxing days, I slept A LOT – so now I’m ready for 9 days in France starting from tomorrow with a nice dinner. We are staying at a large hotel with a lot of the other teams, so I get the chance to catch up with the chefs from the other teams – that’s kind of fun to talk about food and travels, small problems that we all experience – it might be a different team but we face the same situations.

I love working in France, there’s no limit to all the great products that you can get – for sure there is gonna be rabbit on the menu – I might even try to get some frog legs…

As we travel through the country I pick up small lovely foodie things from here and there – you just can’t beat that – it’s a great way to be creative, there’s no point in planning menus from home since i ALWAYS change them last minute anyway – it’s much more fun that way.

It’s an early flight tomorrow so I’m gonna finish my packing now.

Until next time… Bon appetit!





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