Over and done!

And then the end was here… Training camp is over and done – at least for Troels and I – now it’s back home to Denmark for two days before we go to our first race of the year : Paris-Nice. 9 days in France, I hope the weather is gonna be better than last years Paris- Nice, Nice isn’t really that fun in the rain… But i guess that nowhere is really fun in crap weather.

Soooo… Last night: gorgeous little piggies for dinner… slow cooked 10 hours at 100*c mmm… It’s like candy, but it’s dinner – what a great combination.

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All the riders was extremely happy with the food – HURRAH!! so i guess they don’t mind me cooking for them again …

During the camp we found out that our desserts had been rated every night on a scale from 1-10, where 10 is impossible to do and one is a piece of wasa crisp bread with margarine. It seemed like all the desserts  was rated better than the other all though they all got 8/9 points – Most importantly, they where happy.

High lights of the trip: Japanese night – chirashi with salmon, it’s always a winner and i think Takashi and Massa enjoyed it all though it probably was different than what they are used to from japan – Note to self : hang out at my local Japanese restaurant to learn more about Japanese food!!!

In the end camp was a succes – and when I say that it’s from a food point of view of course!

I can’t wait to sleep for two days straight so I can get ready for Paris-Nice,

Take care,



2 thoughts on “Over and done!

  1. It all looks fantastic, as ever. What doesn’t really translate is how much work you have to do to make all these dishes. Delicious food and hard work, enjoy your sleep.x

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