Ham bag and birthday cake

Work day # 8 – I would lie if I told you that me and my two awesome chef apprentice guys weren’t a little tired, I think that actually goes for all of us, but none the less – the show must go on, and we are still crankin’ some healthy tasty meals out.

Here’s a few of the lunch servings:


The riders came back at 17.00 for a pretty late lunch after 6,5 hours of hard training and that meant that dinner was pushed a bit in the end as well. Tonights menu : Comfort foods! Sometimes less is more and tonight the spaghetti Bolognaise and the Moroccan style chicken seemed to hit the spot.

After dinner Birthday cake was brought up for Takashi, hot apple crumble  with black berries… mmm I really love warm apple desserts, but there was split opinions between the riders about apple desserts being warm or not. Anyway it was gone when we cleared the table!

Ohh, and one thing more…

Earlier today after breakfast, we went out to buy a few small things to get through the rest of the trip and I found this unbelievably amazing ham carrier bag – a chef accessory must have!

Tomorrow – the last whole work day for me and Troels, that means last dinner and there is something tasty and slow cooked on it’s way…

Until next time … Adios Amigos,




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