And so the season begins…

Welcome to the Team Saxo Bank Food blog!

The place where you can follow what’s going on here at the team from a different perspective – the foodie side of things. What the riders eat, where we go, how it works, how to make things at home and much much more.

So who’s actually cooking for the riders ? Well, from 2012 the foodie team consists of myself, Hannah Grant and my apprentice Troels Brødsgaard, who has agreed to spend his last year as an apprentice in my company traveling all over Europe to cook for the Team Saxo Bank riders – a pretty fine way to learn the skills of cooking and creativity

At the moment we are in Spain, Valencia to be precise – it’s a training camp and that mean lots and lots of hard work for us. Luckily the hotel has been so kind to lend us a whole restaurant with a nice large fully functioning kitchen so that we can produce and provide great meals for our riders three times a day ten days in a row – that’s a lot of food and we do our best to vary everything every day so the riders have something to look forward to after a long day of hard training.

Our food philosophy in a few words: Fresh, organic, free range whole foods, great flavor and respect for the products – food should not only taste great, but also look great – Everything we serve, we cook ourselves !

Tasty little fish

I’ll make it short for this first blog entry, but check in again soon for more exciting Team Saxo Bank foodie goodies.

until then – eat some fresh fish and be happy




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